Remove clogs for better print quality with Lexmark Support Canada

Clearing up the Lexmark printer clogs from time to time only helps in getting best images prints as well as better text quality. Printers actually need you to carry out maintenance job in order to prevent any issue affecting its performance. If you are not getting the desired result with your prints like blurred or uneven, this can be an indication that your device requires a cleaning session for its better functioning.

How to clean the Printer head

  1. For starting the cleaning process first through the paper tray insert a blank piece of paper in the Lexmark Printer.
  2. On Windows computer system, go to the Start menu. Go through the additional options available and hunt through the list.
  3. To access more settings for your system choose All Programs link. The folder that has all the functions only for your printer, select that folder. While on other models, the software installed contains a Lexmark Solution Center application which takes the user to go through the troubleshooting steps.
  4. To access the printer’s cleaning settings click on Maintenance option. You will be asked to print a test page within few seconds. Wait till the printing of the page finishes after selecting the Print option. In this way, the ink cartridge will force the ink through the printer head and will clean it simultaneously.
  5. Go through the printed page to check if the colors and quality is up to the mark or not. Repeat the printing process as another test page in case if you are not satisfied with the output.
  6. If you are still having print quality issues then it is time to replace the ink cartridge. Sometimes due to heavy printing jobs, the print head become worn out. The other reason could be the ink cartridges that are not manufactured by Lexmark. It is highly recommended to use the authentic cartridges because they are specifically designed for the Lexmark printers.

Lexmark technical support number is here to assist and help you with every error

Electronic devices face technical glitches from time to time due to which the tasks get stuck in between. All you are required to do in those times is get in touch with Lexmark support number 1-855-687-3777 for assistance and guidance.


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